International business services

Export Help – Chipaar consulting is a division of Trentmann Software & Services, established in 1997. We provide more than 20 years of experience in individual services in regards of marketing and advertising, software development specialized in web based applications, customer-relationship management, business consulting, common online-marketing and wide internet services.

Your Individual Agents In Europe

Export Help consulting provides solid manpower to present your products and services directly to potential buyers. The service is scalable and available on demand –Out network and agents provide a wide range from fair and exhibition presentations up to individual presentations on an expert level.

Reaching the customer in his native language is essential to any international acting business. To obtain new customers and also to provide optimum services to existing clients, Chipaar consulting offers all basic and also extended services a subsidiary aboard should represent.

Online-Services and Development

Extended online services – with more than 20 years experience in internet technologies, online marketing and internet development from starting from simple websites up to the development of complex web based applications and cross platform database structures, we are able to provide a solid and wide basement for any online activities.


  • Build native language websites and international multi-language websites
  • Professional, effective online marketing and website promotion
  • Creating attractive wordings instead of word-by-word translation
  • E-Mail marketing services – introducing your products to relevant people
  • Increase your degree of popularity
  • Provide local, professional eBay and Amazon sellers

What can an European office do for us?

Chipaar consulting includes services to strengthen the client’s position within the European market. Acting like the European subsidiary, we spend continuously much effort on customer relationship management in the name of our clients and supply a large variety of continuous professional online marketing services.

Depending on our client’s aims, our goal is to increase the client’s degree of popularity up to establishing a well known brand. Spending continuously effort on customer relations and also working continuously on the visibility in marketing channels, market places and social networks should result in business relationships.

Customer Care and CRM

We care for your potential buyers and customers! We act like your European subsidiary:

  • We answer incoming phone calls in native language and report all incidents to you
  • Agents are familiar with your products so they can provide first advice and recommend products
  • Defining target audiences, looking for potential buyers
  • Provide first and second level support in especial cases
  • Hand out catalogues, flyers, brochures etc. to potential customers
  • Keep existing customers up to date with news, product updates etc.

Fair attendance & Business Travel Organization

Chipaar Services for fairs and exhibitions – There are many specialized and regional fairs, trade shows and exhibitions. We are the helping hand giving you an assessment about which events are worth to visit or worth to take part as an exhibitor. What we provide to make your visit on a fair a full success:

  • Up to date list of interesting and relevant events
  • Qualified people to present your products or services
  • Create Catalogues, flyers and other advertising material
  • Find the right promotional gifts for a reasonable price if required
  • Rate and follow up leads, make appointments